Misty Mountain Ranch - Maggie Valley North Carolina
Our guests often share comments about their stay with us in Maggie Valley North Carolina. Here is what they have to say:
Guest Comments
3 quacks for this place - the corn is great!
~ Henrietta and Drake Duck (Grandma and Father of over 100 ducks)
Many many B&Bs - this place is the best! Domo Arigato!
~ Don and Patricia Edwards, Denton TX (Pat speaks Japanese; I do also, but Pat's far better, and better looking also!)
Not possible to improve anything! (Get the Irishman out)
~ Keith Boaler, Bodkin UK
I can't imagine any changes we could make; it's already a beautiful place.
~ Dave and Carol Tykocki
Thank you for asking our opinion, but your place created the best B&B experience ever - real perfection.
~ Fran and Joan Audotti, Holden MA
Love your biscuits and gravy - this is our second trip!
~ Elena and Brian Crowe
We really enjoyed our stay and are already looking forward to our next - and that says it all!
~ David and Pam Lamb, Simpsonville SC
We rate you at the very top!
~ Janet and John Linihan, Ft Walton Beach, FL
Turn the damn lights off at night so the ducks won't quack. Karen and Peter, you're both so interesting.
~ Don and Dawn Cole
Add a good old hound dog to the mix. It was great!
~ Teri and Kelly Beck, Greenville NC

To all - we thank you and have enjoyed the best guests in the world and from all over the world. Karen and I have been so wonderfully blessed. Thanks!

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